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  John Shaver e9b4fc55d6 Missed some styles on previous commit. 1 year ago
  John Shaver bb2efa4b27 changed download/print buttons. 1 year ago
  John Shaver e9e3b597c5 Added PDF download 1 year ago
  John Shaver 360b2e4475 Fixed some print style? 1 year ago
  John Shaver d84ebcae47 spelling fixes. 1 year ago
  John Shaver d145271bfb Tweaked styles on the sidebar. 1 year ago
  John Shaver d8b1e7c6fe Added gitea link. 1 year ago
  John Shaver 51deb0af54 Changed color of source code link. 1 year ago
  John Shaver c6eefc167a Updated mailto link 1 year ago
  John Shaver 6643b40789 Updated the readme 1 year ago
  John Shaver 7c1bb97955 Removed auto refresh. 1 year ago
  John Shaver dd005caf02 Added source link 1 year ago
  John Shaver ae08d25e27 fixed web vs print sizing 1 year ago
  John Shaver ee16a260fc Some small tweaks 1 year ago
  John Shaver e8519f5edb Fixed TS logo. 1 year ago
  John Shaver e48921f16a Renamed resume to index.html 1 year ago
  John Shaver 09f4740d68 Added fonts and some content. 1 year ago
  John Shaver 08b53f84f4 Added my info 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 6798aa2154 Merge branch 'more-webby' 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal c508a862d8 give pdf look-and-feel to web version 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal e6759e0535 functional, printable links 1 year ago
  AJ ONeal 8e0665dd75 change skills id to class for multiple skills 1 year ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 71ffb26da4
Added Source Code Pro font reference to README.md 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 9078c50511 Change http to https for my own links in README 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 6d65fdd524 Update example PDF output 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu f81a92fc56 CSS fine tunes 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 5e38dce4f8 Text tweaking in example html 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 999d9a973a Associate date's range "bar" to the second date-span element, as a pseudoelement. 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 032b9dcdb7 Fix link titles in README 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 8a37c3fd2e Update browser compatibility in README (as I experience when I'm rolling out a new version of my own resume) 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu ae58ff4566 Update normalize.css to 7.0.0 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 7b75bf9ff0 Merge pull request #1 from caasi/patch-1 2 years ago
  caasi Huang 32f004f984 Fix unclosed html tag `<ul>` 2 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu b191092791 Fix README.md in priting directions 3 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 2381a670d6 Update LICENSE 4 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu a8c9e595d7 Update README.md 4 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu fda49a4b7d Update README.md 4 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu df786cb71a Update README.md 4 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 877a92a092 Draft README.md 4 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu c037c236b3 Add exemplary rendered PDF from Firefox on OS X 4 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 4fb227a134 Add the html, css, and the dependencies 4 years ago
  Min-Zhong "John" Lu 9de6af229b Initial commit 4 years ago