Process form submissions into templated emails.
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config.php 1.2KB

  1. <?php
  2. //This is the only required setting. Replace the email address below
  3. //with the email address you'd like to receive the forms at.
  4. $sendToEmail = '';
  5. //------------EVERYTHING BELOW THIS POINT IS OPTIONAL---------------
  6. //This is the name of the file to use when no template is passed.
  7. //Useful if you're pointing multiple contacts to the same form.
  8. $templateFile = 'template.txt'; //Default is template.txt
  9. //This is the default page that should show after the information is submitted.
  10. $redirectDestination = NULL; //Default is NULL
  11. //This tells the script wether you want to use reCAPTCHA or not
  12. $recaptchaEnabled = TRUE;
  13. //If you have your own recaptcha pub/priv key enter it here.
  14. //You CAN use the keys provided, but keep in mind they are publicly known.
  15. //
  16. //Default values:
  17. //$recaptchaPubKey = "6LfGEwsAAAAAAEfdb77X7r7gbSJwOlLz44-RW6zA";
  18. //$recaptchaPrivKey = "6LfGEwsAAAAAALlZSbCjaZpUdPhce7w03BAfQMpp";
  19. $recaptchaPubKey = "6LfGEwsAAAAAAEfdb77X7r7gbSJwOlLz44-RW6zA";
  20. $recaptchaPrivKey = "6LfGEwsAAAAAALlZSbCjaZpUdPhce7w03BAfQMpp";
  21. //This is passed as the 5th paramter to the mail function. You can use
  22. //this to specify special paramaters to be used in the sendmail command.
  23. $sendmailParam = "-ODeliveryMode=b";
  24. ?>