As I have done interviews, I have been asked to create example components to test my ability to follow requirements and work with react. I've decided to save them here for display.
Updated 2018-04-02 22:08:30 +00:00
Updated 2018-04-07 16:56:51 +00:00
Allows linux users to control pulse audio from node. So far functionality is... um... limited :)
Updated 2018-04-20 17:33:12 +00:00
Project primarily for exploring graphQL on the frontend with React.
Updated 2018-09-17 22:11:52 +00:00
Little game I started to teach myself elm. Rendered with SVG.
Updated 2018-09-17 22:16:43 +00:00
Process form submissions into templated emails.
Updated 2018-09-17 23:01:29 +00:00
Script I created to run with a cron and update dnsimple when my public IP changed.
Updated 2018-09-17 23:11:12 +00:00
Oauth sample created at request of potential employer during interview process.
Updated 2018-09-17 23:26:54 +00:00
Example project to parse DNS headers in javascript.
Updated 2018-09-17 23:53:43 +00:00
Just a quick project I did to verify some concerns with extensions in chrome having access to all secure/httpOnly cookies (on domains they have requested access to)
Updated 2018-09-24 23:14:27 +00:00
Experimenting with web components and a Javascript development environment free from a build step.
Updated 2019-03-26 18:14:08 +00:00
This is a little I started to help my 2 year old son know when it is time to wake up and when it is time to keep sleeping.
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Updated 2019-09-25 07:46:04 +00:00
Web portfolio repo
Updated 2022-07-29 02:38:40 +00:00
Resume to post on website or print to PDF.
Updated 2022-07-29 02:40:40 +00:00
Check syntax in Vim asynchronously and fix files, with Language Server Protocol (LSP) support
Updated 2022-08-26 19:46:40 +00:00
My advent of code ...code
Updated 2022-12-22 02:53:41 +00:00
An animated potty chart to help my son with potty training.
Updated 2023-04-10 21:26:14 +00:00
Ada's first website
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